Air Traffic Control Tower

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Hancock International Airport, Syracuse, NY

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This project involved the construction of a 142’ high aircraft control tower, a 12,000 sf TRACON/Administrative facility and an electrical generator building. As a change to the original contract over 5 miles of electrical and communication ductbank and cabling, necessary for backup power and communication to the facility, was installed around the airport property. The single story TRACON/Administrative and generator buildings are conventional structural steel frame with precast concrete panel exterior walls. The control tower is constructed with four precast concrete “legs” to support the operating cab, the stacked precast concrete modules are inter-connected with post-tensioned steel rods embedded in the tower foundation. Each of the four precast concrete tower “legs” provide the access for personnel, mechanical/electrical services and communication up to the operating cab of the tower. The TRACON/Administrative building houses the administrative offices and computer room for the Government installed air traffic control equipment.