Brigade Combat Team 3rd Complex, Phase II

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Fort Drum, NY

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This project involved the design and construction of the following facilities:

  • a 18,000 sf Small Tactical Equipment Vehicle Maintenance Facility (TEMF)
  • a 35,300 sf Medium Tactical Equipment Vehicle Maintenance Facility (TEMF)
  • a 26,500 sf Dining Facility (DFAC) with a seating capacity of 624 patrons
  • supporting construction of Organizational Storage, oil storage, hazardous waste storage and Company Distribution buildings totaling 23,400 sf


The TEMF facilities provide training spaces and work areas related to the repair of troop support vehicles assigned to the Combat Team and includes administration spaces, training rooms, secure equipment storage areas, arms vaults and miscellaneous support facilities. Anti-terrorism/force protection measures were incorporated into the building design providing resistance to progressive building collapse and blast resistance of the building windows and doors.


The DFAC facility is designed as a common meeting area for the troops and can be utilized as a dining facility or a recreational area for socialization and off-hour entertainment. The facility is complete with administration rooms, receiving/unloading dock, food preparation areas, food serving area, dishwashing room, dining room and a carryout area. The scope of work includes the design and installation of the complete kitchen, serving and dishwashing area with all food service equipment, coolers and freezers.