Replace Hydrant Fuel System

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167th AW West Virginia ANG
Martinsburg, WV

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SAI was awarded this “best value” firm fixed price contract to perform the construction of a new 1,200 gpm Type III aircraft fueling system at the 167th Airlift Wing; Martinsburg, WV.  This hydrant fueling system and parking apron for the 167th Airlift Wing of the West Virginia Air National Guard was part of a facility upgrade to support the deployment of C5 aircraft to this facility that included:

  • Construction of a new 1,200 gpm pump house
  • Construction of a new Operations Control Building, truck fill station, truck loading and unloading stations, two 6,500 barrel above ground fuel storage tanks, glycol storage and dispensing system, LOX/LIN storage building and a diesel/mogas storage and dispensing facility
  • Installation of approximately 2,900 lf of 8″ and 10″ aboveground and underground welded stainless steel and carbon steel piping, connection to the existing hydrant loop and extension of the existing hydrant loop to the new paring apron
  • Construction of a 250,000 sf concrete aircraft parking apron
  • In addition to the exterior coatings applied to the fuel piping all underground piping is further protected from corrosion through installation of an impressed current cathodic protection system.

This new Type III hydrant refueling system permits direct refueling of aircraft from apron hydrant fuel pits as well as fuel truck unloading and loading capability.