Hydrant Fuel System

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Langley AFB, VA

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This hydrant fueling system at Langley AFB, VA is a replacement of the existing truck load fueling system and provides the capability to supply fuel directly to the aircraft apron for loading and unloading fuel through in apron fuel hydrant pits. SAI constructed a new multiple pump 2,400 GPM Type III fuel system including:

  • Phased installation of 16,000 LF of welded 12” underground carbon steel piping
  • Pumphouse/control building
  • (18) apron fuel pits constructed in an active airfield
  • Phased piping reconfiguration of existing tank farm piping
  • 82,000 sf of concrete airfield paving
  • Converted (2) existing 10,000 barrel aboveground tanks to operation tanks with fixed roofs and floating pans

The underground fuel distribution piping was installed in phases to minimize the impact to Air Force flight operations. The concrete apron pavement was removed and replaced along with the installation of the new fuel piping.