Some Comments from a Few of Our Valued Customers

I commend you and your company for the outstanding work on the New Commissary at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Patuxent River, Maryland. Your crew was extremely professional and performed in an exemplary manner. We were particularly pleased with the immaculate condition of the job site during construction. We appreciate the hard work and dedication from your organization and are elated with our new facility. It has been a pleasure working with your organization and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future.

J.B. Kendall, Captain, CEC, USN

Structural Associates Inc. was found as follows: Contract administration was timely, accurate and enthusiastically cooperative. Construction was aggressively but always accurately pursued and with pride of work well done Structural’s staff were professional. Typical of only top quality projects, now that it is over, I will miss them all until next time.

Robert B. Kelly, Senior Project Coordinator

Your high quality workmanship and coordination of work efforts on this contract enabled you to complete and turn over this project within the scheduled completion date. This reflects your outstanding cooperation and working relationship with Griffiss Air Force personnel and representatives of this office.

You are to be commended for your outstanding safety program which is of the highest standard and by no means, sets a standard for the construction industry. “Thank you for a job “well done.”

C.R. McCormick, LT, CEC, USN, NAVFAC Contracts

SAI’s performance regarding our project to Upgrade Aircraft Parking Apron on Pease Air National Guard Base is commendable.

The project consisted of demolition and replacement of aircraft parking aprons and expansion of aircraft hydrant fueling system. They are an outstanding contractor and by far, the best we have had here in New Hampshire. I am pleased to be able to recommend SAI.

Denis J. Herbert, Major, NHANG, Contracting Officer Representative, New Hampshire Air National Guard

Kondra/SAI-JV performed outstanding work in completion of our Runway 15-33 rehabilitation project. Kondra/SAI-JV’s attention to quality control, project and subcontractor management are the reason this project was completed on time and on budget. The quality of their project documentation sets a high standard when compared to other contractors. Kondra/SAI-JV’s forward planning ensured timely execution of scheduled work. Kondra/SAI identified potential construction issues early, and developed problem solutions that maximized the effective use manpower and material resources.

Cindy McAleese, Contracting Office, MICC Fort Drum, NY

Structural Associates was a very professional and responsive company to work with during the two year duration of the contract . They were very proficient at teaming with well qualified subcontractors to insure success on this highly specialized hydrant fuel system project.

C.R. McCormick, LT, CEC, USN, NAVFAC Contracts

Quality: Management and Quality Control Manager is very knowledgeable in fuel systems, ensuring a quality project. SAI through the quality control process identified areas in which the fuel design could be slightly improved, in order to prevent failure or issues during operation, and shared these with designers of record. Contractor’s successful quality control program enabled them to have only minor punch list items during commissioning, also noted by the designer of record as having one of the least punch lists in any commissioning within the last year.

Schedule: The Contractor was able to maintain their schedule even through extensive multiple differing site conditions. They reacted quickly to the differing site conditions, scheduled multiple subcontractors and requirements in order to keep the schedule, preventing a delay in the turn-over of the project, and major operational impacts to the end user.

Management: Management was responsive to multiple differing site conditions, providing viable solutions to resolve the issue. Willing to aid the customer in several aspects of the current hydrant system, in order to ensure a smooth transition. Project Manager was always responsive to any issues, concerns, and change orders. Home Office worked well with field office, creating a team in which all aspects were constantly supported and worked well together, ensuring a quality project was provided to the customer. Excellent Contractor, works hard to provide quality project that meets all expectations and contract requirements. Would highly recommend for future contracts.

Sarah Sinclair, USACE Project Engineer, Replace Hydrant Fuel System; Westover Air Reserve Base, MA

Implementation of the CQC Plan – Above Average: The Contractor was very proactive in quality control. This resulted in only a few punch list items being open at the beneficial occupancy inspection.

Adherence to approved schedule – Above Average: The Contractor maintained their aggressive schedule throughout the project. They successfully managed subcontractor & material delivery which was instrumental in allowing joint occupancy so the Government could begin installation of Government purchased equipment. The end result was the early turnover of the facility prior to the Contract Completion Date.

Cooperation and responsiveness – Outstanding: The Contractor was extremely cooperative when dealing with the requests of the Government. A good example of this was when the Government requested a major change in the floor plan of the new clinic at the 25% design stage and this resulted in a no cost contract modification.

Implementation of Safety Plan – Above Average: The Contractor was proactive in the enforcement of the safety program. They completed the project with no lost time incidents and recorded 47,028 man-hours.

Scott Deetz, Area Engineer, USACE New York District, Design-Build Soldier Family Care Clinic; Fort Drum, NY

The contractor through his responsiveness, was instrumental in helping us avoid delays and rework costs after discovery of significant unforeseen contaminated soils. The contractor had his subcontractors where he needed them when he needed them. He kept the job staffed with qualified people to the end. Their previous type III hydrant fuels experience was very beneficial. They worked very closely with us and the Air Force to minimize impacts to the ongoing flying mission. Contractor worked with us to preclude delays associated with both removal and replacement of contaminated soils and the extra effort required of people working in close proximity to these soils.

Mark Mailander, Area Engineer USACE Omaha District, Hydrant Fuel System; Minot AFB, ND

This project completed WITHOUT ANY lost time injuries and it had to do with the astuteness, attentiveness, assertiveness and serious concern of the prime contractor, SAI, and their sub-contractors. The project faced numerous scheduling challenges along the way. First, the delivery of the structural steel was delayed over two months late, due to Hurricane Katrina. The contractor was able to procure enough structural steel to get the mechanical room on the hangar enclosed so work could continue throughout the brutal winter months at Fort Drum. The schedule was revised so that work could continue to keep the project on target for the original finish date. SAI’s professionalism is a virtue. They were firm and knowledgeable in all respects, but more importantly, they were honest and took great pride in the product and service they were providing to the Government. They took pride in their workmanship, but not because they had to, because that’s what they do.

Rick Alvarez, PE, Chief Construction Division, NY District USACE, Design-Build Aviation Brigade Facilities; Fort Drum, NY

This letter is being written in reference to past performance by Structural Associates, Inc. in performing demolition and reconstruction of aircraft parking aprons located at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. These projects were very large and complex in nature. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Structural Associates to you at this time, due to their “Outstanding Performance” by providing our office with a “100% Satisfied Customer”. It has been approximately 3 years since our last major project with Structural Associates and the work looks just as good as the day it was completed. Our office found them to be “highly professional” and outstanding in all the following categories. Safety, Quality of work, Cooperation, Completion of project on time and within budget, Supervision.

Mr. George H. Stebbing, Engineering Technician, ROICC, Naval District Washington Department of the Navy

Excellent service and can-do attitude. Excellent responsiveness and cooperative before during and after completion. Project completed on schedule for visitor use and community purposes. Excellent contractor, would highly recommend for new work. Excellent, outstanding contract manager dedicated to customer service and responsiveness. Highly recommend for future selections.

Patrick Shea, NPS Technical Representative, Construct Willet Center Building: Ft. Stanwix National Monument; Rome, NY

Both the Project Manager and the Superintendent engaged in open communications with the Corps and the Users. SAI was quick to address issues to lessen the impact on the Users. SAI employed a proactive approach to completing the work. Superintendent fully understood this type of construction, had control of the subcontractors, attentive to meeting schedule requirements and was always open to discussions with the government in an effort to minimize impact on the Air Force mission. All members of the SAI management staff carried themselves in a professional way. They were fair, treated the government personnel respectfully, willing to listen to seek mutually agreed upon resolution by extensive coordination with the stakeholders. SAI willingness to partner kept schedules current with the numerous changes experienced in Construction Area Zones by closely coordinating with the Users, benefiting all parties involved.

Alan Kreisler, Resident Engineer USACE, Offutt AFB, Hydrant Fuel System; Offutt AFB, NE

This contract was awarded based on a source selection best value criteria. The Government reviewed all the technical packages and ended up choosing
Structural Associates based on their strong performance on other projects and the feedback that was received from their customers at other locations where they had installed fueling systems on military facilities. Structural Associates clearly demonstrated why they were chosen as the contractor for this project and lived up to their reputation.

Jeffery Rhodes, PE, Project Engineer NAVFAC, Cherry Point, NC, Hydrant Fuel System; Marine Corps Air Station; Cherry Point, NC